What next after Rooting Android Smartphone

If you are reading this post, probability is high that you have already rooted your Android Smartphone or you are planning to do so. After that the question is, what is so special about root and what does it allow you to do? Well, a quiet few things you can do after you root your android, such as you can remove unnecessary bloatware, you can flash third-party ROMs, overclock your processor, and much more.

Benefits of Rooting Android Phone

Drawbacks of Rooting Android Phone

Here we have listed some best things you can do with a rooted Android Smartphone. So, go ahead and check them out and in case if you think we’ve missed something that should have been on this post, just let us know in the comments!!


Install CWM/TWRP

CWM is abbreviated form of ClockworkMod Recovery and TWRP, short for Team Win Recovery Project, these are open source recoveries for Android based devices. TWRP provides a touch enable interface which allows users to install third party firmwares. Now this is the custom recovery and it will replace stock recovery which is pre-installed on your Smartphone. A custom recovery allows you to do various tasks; such as it allows flashing “zips” right from phone itself, there would be no need to use PC tools to do that. Wipe and manage cache partition and also manage Nandroid backups. So, all this you can do by installing a CWM/TWRP recovery on your Android Smartphone.

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Flash Custom ROMs

To install and flash custom ROMs is one of the major reason that so many users are rooting their Android. Why get stuck with bloated and tedious interface of the device, when you can get much more interactive look and more better tweaks with custom ROMs. You can flash custom ROMs on your Smartphone and enjoy its new interface. Actually, this is the most important advantage of rooting Android Smartphone.

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Increase RAM of Android Device

Yes by gaining root access you can increase RAM of your smartphone. There are many apps in market; with help of which you can increase RAM of rooted smartphone and by doing this you can improve performance of your phone. You can do this in two ways, either by using apps or by partitioning your SD card and then make your phone use that partition as your phone’s extended RAM which will speed up the device. So if you have a low RAM, increasing the RAM is a must thing you should do after rooting your smartphone.

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Overclocking your Android Smartphone is another great thing to do after you root your Android Smartphone. Overclocking is a process by which you just increase the clocking speed of the processor in your phone and in turn the processing speed of the phone will increase and will perform much better. But this is a thing to do with caution. As overclocking is not for beginners, and I would suggest if you are new to the rooting arena, you should skip this thing for now. But if you wanna try it read following posts.

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Must try apps for rooted Device

Root apps will sweeten your rooting experience and there are a plethora of root apps out there for people to use. We have made a list of few root apps to try, given in below link.


Must Try Apps after you Root your Smartphone


Delete Bloatware

Cleanup all the bloatware from the device. Bloatware means the stock apps that come pre-installed on the device and manufacturer claims are useful for user. Unfortunately most of them aren’t and cannot be deleted without root. You can delete these kind of apps using various apps from the Play Store like the “Root Explorer” or “Uninstall Master”. Also, deleting the bloatware from the phone, speeds it up, so it is must thing to do after you root your Android Smartphone.

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