Special Ops – All new FPS game from GameEon

GameEon, a leading Indian Game Development Company, is raising the bar of mobile gaming with its new FPS game Special Ops. The company was founded in 2011 by Nikhil Malankar along with co-founder Prasad Kajarekar. GameEon develops for Android, iOS, Windows and has 16 unique games available on most of the popular app stores like Google Play Store, App Store (Apple), Amazon Apps and many more.

Special Ops


About the Game

GameEon team took inspiration from Epic Citadel – a fantasy setting from Epic Games and decided to develop using Unreal Engine in Special Ops. It took 4 months for the team to complete the development. The game has amazing graphics and a brief storyline which will make anyone addicted to this game. MTV Artist Rob Spaz will provide music for the game and the soundtrack will consist of raps that will further engage the audience in the gameplay. In an interview Nikhil Malankar said,

The association with Rob Spaz happened through an Android software named CyberDust where I contacted him and he was more than happy to work on a game and too an Indian game. The music is mostly lyrical rap to go with the storyline.

Plot and Game play

‘Special Ops’ is the story of Robert Cain, a special forces officer. Cain is on a secret mission with his team but loses his team members in an explosion. Now being sole surviver, it is up to Robert Cain to rebuild his team for completing his assignment only to later discover the dark secret of his higher authorities which led to the death of his former team members.



The game has ten levels and each level will lead to the climax that has plenty of thrills and moments of suspense. The game offers a lot of customizable options, right from the upgradeable attributes like health, player’s speed and the armor; which will help the player in facing the increasing difficulty levels as game progresses. There are variety of weapons available to chose from and character can equip a set of 5 weapons at a time. The weapons included in first weapon set are SPAS 12, Ingram MAC-11, AKMS and Tokyo Marui SPAS 12.

Special Ops WEAPON SET 1

Special Ops WEAPON SET 1


Platforms and Versions

For now Special Ops will be available on android and iOS with plans to release the game on PCs and consoles going forward. Both android and iOS versions are available in single-player mode but team is planning to develop multi-player versions. On its release game will have a free version with few levels and a premium version with all levels unlocked.


First Look




Special Ops is a very brave attempt from an Indian company in developing an actual 3D game and it looks like they have done an awesome job. Overall game looks like it is ready to compete with big names like N.O.V.A. and Modern Combat.

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